Al-Quds University: A Pillar of Community Outreach and Engagement

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Al-Quds University: A Pillar of Community Outreach and Engagement

Beacon of Education

At Al-Quds University, we recognize the critical role of education in shaping a prosperous society. We have made it our mission to extend the boundaries of knowledge beyond our campus, reaching out to the local community. Our efforts encompass various initiatives like school visits, where our faculty and students share their knowledge and inspire young minds about future academic possibilities. We also provide online training to those unable to visit physically, ensuring no one is left behind in the quest for education. Moreover, our libraries stand as hubs of knowledge for the community, encouraging a culture of lifelong learning.

Health Services

Our commitment to the welfare of our community is deeply ingrained in our identity. The university health centers reflect this commitment, providing free, quality health care services to the local community. We firmly believe in the principle of health as a fundamental human right and strive to ensure that everyone, irrespective of their economic condition, has access to necessary health care.

Fostering Community Engagement

We are a proud participant in the life of our community. Through the Community Action Center, Al-Quds University conducts various engagement activities, acting as a catalyst for positive change. By fostering dialogues on vital issues and advocating for sustainable practices, we are not just observers but active contributors to our society’s progress.

Women Empowerment

Women’s empowerment is integral to our outreach programs. We understand the pivotal role women play in the development of society. Through targeted workshops and activities, we aim to equip local women with essential skills and confidence, helping them unlock their potential and assert their rightful place in the community.

Information Services

Our provision of information services underpins all our community outreach programs. We understand the power of information and its role in enabling individuals to make informed decisions. Thus, we have made it a priority to ensure that reliable and useful information is readily accessible to our community, particularly in the realms of health and education.

Supporting Reading

We consider the promotion of reading as a crucial part of our mission. Our libraries do not only serve our students, but they are also open to the wider community. They offer a rich array of resources, from academic texts to literary works, encouraging community members to delve into the world of knowledge and nurturing a culture of reading.


In our bid to enrich educational outreach, we offer tutorials spanning various subjects. These sessions serve as a platform for knowledge exchange, where our educators share their expertise and the community benefits from enriched learning experiences.

Through these diverse initiatives, Al-Quds University is not just an institution for higher learning, but a thriving epicenter for community development and engagement, deeply committed to enriching society.

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