The Office for Ethical Compliance: Ensuring Integrity across Al-Quds University

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The Office for Ethical Compliance

At Al-Quds University, we are steadfastly committed to fostering a culture of ethical conduct across all levels of our organization. To achieve this, we have established the Office for Ethical Compliance (OEC), a dedicated department that serves as the hub for promoting and ensuring ethical behavior throughout the university.

The OEC is led by a designated official, the Ethical Compliance Officer, who carries the responsibility for overseeing ethical matters across the university. With a background in legal and ethical practices, the Ethical Compliance Officer brings valuable expertise to the role, guiding the university’s ethical standards and ensuring adherence to these norms.

The responsibilities of the Office for Ethical Compliance span various domains:

  1. Policy Development and Review:

The OEC plays a crucial role in developing and reviewing the university’s ethical policies. It ensures these guidelines are in sync with societal values, legal regulations, and our university‚Äôs mission and vision.

  1. Training and Workshops:

The OEC regularly conducts training sessions and workshops to educate staff, faculty, and students about ethical practices. These sessions are designed to cover a range of topics, from academic integrity and research ethics to workplace conduct and decision-making.

  1. Ethical Compliance Monitoring:

One of the primary responsibilities of the OEC is to monitor ethical compliance across the university. This involves regular audits and inspections to verify adherence to our ethical policies and the identification and mitigation of any potential breaches.

  1. Advisory Role:

The OEC serves as a point of consultation for any ethical dilemmas or concerns within the university. The Ethical Compliance Officer provides advice and guidance to university members navigating complex ethical issues.

  1. Complaint Handling:

The OEC manages the university’s ethical compliance hotline and email, providing a safe and confidential avenue for university members to report suspected breaches of ethical conduct.

  1. Awareness Campaigns:

To reinforce ethical conduct’s significance, the OEC organizes awareness campaigns that emphasize our university’s commitment to its ethical values.

The establishment of the Office for Ethical Compliance underscores Al-Quds University’s unwavering commitment to promoting a culture of integrity. We believe that by prioritizing ethical conduct, we are not only upholding our institutional values but also preparing our students, staff, and faculty to contribute positively to society.

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