Whistleblower Policy and Grievance Procedure

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Upholding Transparency and Ethical Standards

At Al-Quds University, our commitment to maintaining a culture of integrity, transparency, and fairness is paramount. Our deeply ingrained values inspire us to foster a conducive environment where stakeholders can voice their concerns without fear. This is evident in our comprehensive whistleblower policy and grievance procedure.

Comprehensive Whistleblower Policy:

Understanding the crucial role whistleblowing plays in exposing unethical or unlawful practices, Al-Quds University has an established, comprehensive policy that encourages employees, students, and other stakeholders to report any such violations. Our policy is underpinned by a steadfast commitment to confidentiality and anonymity, ensuring that individuals reporting violations are shielded from potential backlash or harm.

To bolster the effectiveness and accessibility of this policy, we have instituted an independent, secure reporting system. This system allows all university community members to report concerns via a dedicated email account (grievance@alquds.edu). Once a report is lodged, it undergoes a thorough investigation carried out by our impartial Office for Ethical Compliance, which diligently works to uphold the university’s ethical standards.

In-depth Grievance Procedure:

Complementing our whistleblower policy is our structured grievance procedure. This procedure caters specifically to our staff, providing them with an avenue to raise any work-related concerns or issues. We acknowledge that our employees are our most valuable asset, and their satisfaction directly impacts our collective success.

Our grievance procedure is initiated with an informal discussion between the concerned staff member and their immediate supervisor. We believe that open dialogue can often resolve misunderstandings or minor issues. However, if the concern persists, the matter is escalated to our Human Resources department, which is committed to impartially investigating and resolving the issue. In instances where a resolution remains elusive, the case is presented before a formal grievance committee comprising unbiased members.

In conclusion, our whistleblower policy and grievance procedure reflect our unwavering dedication to maintaining high ethical standards and fostering a supportive, respectful work environment. Al-Quds University prioritizes the voices and well-being of its community members, ensuring that their concerns never go unheard or unaddressed.

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